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Code: TE420
Available Dimensions
  • 15x22 cm || 5 29/32 x 8 21/32 "
  • 19x32 cm || 7 31/64 x 12 19/32 "
Description Jesus in a text of the Gospels - the one depicted in the icon - is referred to Himself as the Grapevine and his disciples, the Apostles as the fruit of the grapevine that will grow, spread and multiply. An inspiration for the creation of the Grapevine is the image of the famous hagiographer of the Cretan School, Strelitzass-Bathas Theofanis. The project exemplifies the style of the Byzantine art.

On the two moving leaves of the triptych the Archangels Michael and Gabriel are depicted.

Triptych of silkscreen handmade icons.