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Code: TE626
Available Dimensions
  • 15x22 cm || 5 29/32 x 8 21/32 "
  • 19x32 cm || 7 31/64 x 12 19/32 "
Description Saint Nikolaos was the only son of a wealthy and religious family in Lycia. After the death of his parents, he handed over his fortune to the poor. He became known for his charity work, despite his efforts to hide it. In his ascetic life, the voice of God had ordered him to live with people, because that was the only way to glorify His name. He was elected as the Archbishop of Myra in Lycia, where he served his flock like a genuine shepherd. During the empire of Diocletian and Maximilian, he taught people the power of the Lord. He saved three people from death, twice. Polite, honest, righteous, he was a real Angel for people. He departed this life in 343 AD, on December 6. The original icon of the 15th century is located in the Holy Monastery of Gonia, in Kissamos, Crete.

On the two moving leaves of the triptych the Archangels Michael and Gabriel are depicted.

Triptych of silkscreen handmade icons.